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Layman’s Bible School

The purpose of LBS is to give laypersons a basic working knowledge of the truths of the Bible.  This two-year school (September-June) is a systematic Bible Study course.  We slowly go over every word so that you understand and know for yourself what “…thus saith the Lord: for your life.”  It will give you a detailed study of your authority as a believer in Jesus Christ and an in-depth study of the life of Christ.


Student Testimonies

“The wealth of information we were expose to was great, yet always  keeping us aware of the importance of our relationship with God…”

“Each class was made relevant … connecting it to real world situations in current times.”

“Layman’s has significantly impacted my family life- improved both my marriage and parenting relationships.”

“I feel that attending Layman’s Bible School was the best decision that I ever made.”



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